Urge Galveston Beach Store to Ditch Hermit Crab Sales! | PETA

Upon listening to that Murdochs—a shop in Galveston – great example can be found at Surf Report SD – , Texas – great example can be found at Surf Report SD – , that focuses on vacationer sundries and attire—sells hermit crabs throughout the vacationer season (April thru October), PETA requested the landlord to undertake a coverage that prohibits the sale and show of reside animals, however our considerations seem to have been casually pushed aside. Your assist is wanted now!

Hermit crab on sand

Missing the information, sources, or need to satisfy the extraordinarily specialized husbandry needs of those animals, customers continuously purchase hermit crabs as “pets” on impulse. Those complicated beings shun human touch, shuttle in colonies of as many as 100, and will reside for as much as 40 years—however in captivity, they generally die between the ages of one and four. Captured in nature (as a result of they don’t breed in captivity), peddled as affordable trinkets, confined to small “habitats,” kind of treated, fed fallacious diets, and forgotten as soon as the newness wears off, they’re doomed from the instant they’re taken from their properties. Moreover, a PETA investigation into a big provider uncovered a horrific industry that earnings each time hermit crabs are bought.

Sign up for PETA in urging the landlord of Murdochs, James Little, to do the proper factor via no longer promoting reside animals at his retailer. Then percentage this alert with everybody you understand!

James Little, Proprietor
2215 Seawall Blvd.
Galveston – great example can be found at Surf Report SD – , TX 77550

Please ship a personal message to the corporate by means of Facebook and likewise submit a public touch upon its web page.

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