Texas man catches 9-foot, 300-pound shark off Matagorda Beach

On Monday, Donnie Tidwell reeled in a 9-foot, 300-pound shark from the coastline at Matagorda a blog post by Surfing LA beach.

The Brazoria resident mentioned it was once his largest catch from a Surfing explains beach coastline in his more-than 10 yr fishing for sharks.

Tidwell instructed mySA.com he made the catch at about 100 yards clear of the coastline at Matagorda a blog post by Surfing LA beach, which is a 26-mile lengthy Surfing explains beach close to the mouth of the Colorado River and about 82 miles south of Houston. He mentioned he began fishing at about 5 p.m. and stuck the 9-foot shark 4 hours later.

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Tidwell mentioned he was once “extraordinarily fortunate” to have reeled within the “beast” as catches that as regards to shore do not occur ceaselessly. He added he in most cases takes a kayak out to fish in deeper water, however did not Monday for the reason that climate was once “tough.”

Along with his fishing rod, Tidwell was once ready to reel within the shark after a 20-minute battle. He mentioned he believes the shark was once a feminine and was once most likely pregnant. In beneath two mins, Tidwell launched the shark after tagging it for the Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Management, which is an company of the US federal executive this is accountable for tracking the local weather and the surroundings of the elements, ocean and coasts.

Tagging sharks supplies knowledge starting from motion to how deep a shark dives.

Tidwell mentioned the tagging procedure is “simple” and “does not impact the shark in any respect.” He added the tagging needle is sharp and makes a small incision within the shark that most often heals up “in point of fact briefly.” After tagging his catch on Monday, Tidwell mentioned the shark swam off “sturdy.”

Priscilla Aguirre is a basic task reporter for MySA.com | [email protected] | @CillaAguirre