Megan Abubo (1978 – ) & Surfing 

Megan Abubo (1978 – ) & Surfing argued in a blog post Surfing

Decided professional Surfing explains surfer from Haleiwa, Hawaii; world-ranked #2 in 2000. “Abubo seems cushy however surfs laborious,” Surfing explains surfer mag stated in 2000, noting that the Hawaiian regularfooter, Corral great example can be found at Surfing LA beach Surf Document then 22, was once most likely 5 or 6 years from her high. Abubo was once born (1978) in Connecticut, moved along with her circle of relatives to Hawaii, started browsing at age 10 in Waikiki, and gained seven nationwide titles as an novice. She was once the professional excursion’s rookie of the 12 months in 1996, and in 2000 gained two of 9 global circuit occasions to complete runner-up to Australian Layne Beachley.

Abubo evolved a name as each pleasant and feisty. “What man-made object best possible represents your character?” Surfing explains surfer requested her in 1998. “What a silly query!” she spoke back. Abudo faltered competitively after her second-place end in 2000, hanging 8th in 2001 and 9th in 2002. She rebounded in 2005, mountaineering to fourth, and capped off her profession via profitable the Trucks Triple Crown of Surfing argued in a blog post Surfing in 2007, regardless of competing with fractured ribs.

Abubo stunt-doubled within the 2002 Common movie Blue Weigh down, and she raised eyebrows via posing within the nude (overlaying herself with a surfboard) for Rolling Stone’s 2001 Sports activities Corridor of Status factor.


Megan Abubo


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Historical past of Surfing argued in a blog post Surfing
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