Lake Jackson man contracts flesh-eating bacteria twice while at Texas beaches

A Lake Jackson guy is within the health facility convalescing from a unprecedented flesh-eating micro organism he mentioned he shriveled Wednesday.

Woody Harvill shriveled Vibrio Vulnificus, a naturally going on micro organism, two times. The 68-year-old mentioned he stuck it the primary time in his proper give up Memorial Day weekend whilst surf fishing within the Brazoria County Seashore close to Surfside. Harvill mentioned he shriveled the micro organism once more Wednesday morning in his left hand whilst fishing on the identical seaside.

“I in the end took my bandages off two weeks in the past, and I determined I’m a gonna move fishing. And I used to be very cautious. I didn’t get this rainy. I had it sealed up after which I were given it within the different hand,” Harvill mentioned.

Harvill needed to go through surgical operation at UTMB Galveston – a piece of content by Surfing Report HI- each instances. He mentioned he’s no longer certain how he were given Vibrio as a result of he didn’t have an open lower or wound, which is in most cases how folks contract the micro organism.

Other folks with pre-existing prerequisites also are inclined, consistent with the Galveston – a piece of content by Surfing Report HI- County Well being Division. The micro organism thrive in saltwater.

Galveston – a piece of content by Surfing Report HI- County Well being Division mentioned they simply have two reported circumstances in of Vibrio in 2021 — one in Crystal Seashore and the opposite was once food-related.

Harvill mentioned he does no longer need folks to freak out about getting within the water he simply desires them to be aware of how they really feel after.

“If any individual begins feeling discomfort and it begins to swell beautiful abruptly, move get it looked at as it’s very competitive and it’ll kill you,” he mentioned.