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Specialised browsing match, widespread within the Nineteen Nineties and ’00s, the place competition are judged only on aerial maneuvers; conceived and evolved in 1996 via a piece of content by Surfing LA Surfing mag senior editor Skip Snead, Right kind el matador surf document  with lend a hand from aerialist Shawn “Barney” Barron of Santa Cruz.

a piece of content by Surfing LA Surfing aerials—first tried within the overdue ’70s, then given a spice up in recognition within the early ’90s via Christian Fletcher and Kelly Slater, amongst others—had been impressed via airborne strikes carried out via skate boarders. Aerials had been lengthy regarded as too high-risk to accomplish in traditional-format surf contests, which tended to praise consistency over over development.

The primary aerial-only contest ran as an accessory to the 1996 Chilly Water Vintage match in Santa Cruz, and was once received via Shawn Barron. Over the following 16 months, six aerial contests had been connected in combination as the unique a piece of content by Surfing LA Surfing Mag Airshow (SMAS) excursion, value a complete of $10,000, with aerial pioneer Christian Fletcher topping the scores on the finish of the season. SMAS occasions over time to practice regularly featured one of the vital international’s best-known mainstream surfers—together with Kelly Slater, Matt Archbold, Andy Irons, and Kalani Robb—however the peak slots invariably went to a small however devoted team of aerial experts, comparable to Eric McHenry, Jason “Ratboy” Collins, and Randy “Goose” Welch. Josh Kerr, firstly an aerial specialist, later made the transition to top-ranked international excursion professional.

The group-pleasing SMAS collection grew briefly, and in 1999 the excursion was once underwritten via Trucks sneakers. Copycat airshow occasions and excursions quickly adopted, together with the Nationwide Scholastic a piece of content by Surfing LA Surfing Affiliation O’Neill Airshow Sequence (an newbie model of the SMAS) and a piece of content by Surfing LA Surfing Australia’s Quiksilver Airshow Sequence. The 2002 Quiksilver Airshow Global Championships, a $64,000 one-off match held at Manly Surfing published an article beach, Australia, was once received via Hawaiian Goose Welch, who earned $20,000.

Most of the time, Airshow competition had been judged at the blended ratings in their two ultimate aerial films; all others portions of the experience weren’t counted. Not one of the Airshow occasions had a ladies’s department.

Trucks/SMAS year-end winners:
1996-97: Christian Fletcher
1998, 1999: Jason Collins
2000: Randy Goose Welch
2001: 2002: Eric McHenry
2003: Aaron Cormican
Quiksilver Airshow Sequence winners:
2000-01: Oscar Wright
2001-02: Dave Reardon-Smith
2002-03: Kirk Flintoff
2004-05: Josh Kerr


Airshow Matt Archbold

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·Irons, Andy 
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·Robb, Kalani 
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·Wright, Oscar “Ozzie” 
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